Balloon Time Helium Kit, 25 - 12" Balloons


Balloon Time Helium Kit, 25 - 12" Balloons - Balloon Time Large Helium Tank 14.9cu ft, 12in SKU 347138

  • Latex Balloons
    • (50) 9" Latex balloons
    • (28) 11" Latex balloons
    • (21) 12" Latex balloons
  • Foil Balloons
    • (24) 18" Foil balloons
    • (7) Super shape foil balloons

Quickly and easily fill up balloons with this Balloon Time Large Helium Tank so you can get the party started! The light-weight helium tank allows you to inflate balloons for birthday parties, sporting events, baby showers, and other celebrations wherever they may be. Simply inflate the balloons with the easy-to-use nozzle one to two hours prior to the event for the best results. Balloons will remain afloat for five to seven hours depending on altitude, humidity, and temperature.