©Disney Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Tattoos, 8ct


©Disney Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Tattoos - Minnie Mouse Tattoos 1 Sheet SKU 398827
  • 8 Minnie Mouse Tattoos
  • 8 Perforated squares, 2" wide x 1 3/4" long
  • Sheet, 4" wide x 7" tall
  • Party favor giveaways
  • Easily applied with a damp cloth and just as easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol
These temporary tattoos feature Minnie, Daisy Duck, Cuckoo-Loca, and Figaro surrounded by colorful designs. You can include these tattoos with the rest of your Minnie Mouse party favors. Everybody will be excited to apply these Minnie tattoos when they receive them at your child's Disney party!