Mum's The Word Bridal Shower Game


Mum's the Word Bridal Shower Game SKU 380122:
  • 60 Game cards
  • Score pad
  • Timer
  • Suitable for 4 or more players
How to play:
  • Split the group into 2 teams
  • A player from team 1 draws a card and describes the top word without saying it or the words below
  • If the other players on team 1 can guess the word on the card before time runs out, they get 1 point
  • Teams switch off until all the cards are drawn
  • The team with the most points wins!
Don't say those words — they're taboo! The classic game gets a wedding twist with a Mum's the Word Bridal Shower Game. Can you and your guests describe wedding-themed words and phrases such as "proposal," "ceremony," and "wedding Cake" without saying the words themselves?