Navy Class of Awesome Room Decorating Kit, 10ft - 10oc


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Navy Class of Awesome Room Decorating Kit - Navy Awesome Graduation Room Decorating Kit,10pc SKU 243691

    • Letter banner, 10ft long
    • 2 Fans, 12" diameter
    • 2 Centerpieces, 10 1/4" tall
    • 2 Large cutouts, 12 3/4" tall
    • 3 Small cutouts, 10 1/2" tall

    This decorating kit features a "Way To Go Grad" letter banner and other congratulatory messages, like "Well Done!" and "You Did It!" in multicolor letters on white or navy blue cardstock decorations. There are also two white paper fans with navy blue borders and a multicolor confetti prints around the edges. This kit is an eye-popping way to give props to your grad and decorate for their party.