WWE®Party Jumbo Add An Age Letter Banner, 10 1/2ft


WWE Party Birthday Banner  SKU 121467:
  • Banner measures 10 1/2' long x 10" tall
  • 24 Card stock cutouts
  • 2 Each: 0-9
  • 1 Each: ST, RD, ND, TH
  • 6 Pieces of double-sided tape
  • Attached elastic strings for hanging
Are you ready to party?! This cool WWE Birthday Banner features die-cut cardstock letters that spell out "Happy Birthday" with images of your little one's favorite wrestlers, like John Cena, Sheamus, Triple H, Kofi Kingston, The Rock, and Rey Mysterio, across the letters. Use the included double-sided tape squares to stick the included number cutouts onto the round cutout at the center — personalizing this birthday banner with your little wrestler's age. Easy to hang by the attached elastic strings, this awesome WWE birthday banner looks great hanging along any wall or above the party table.